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NL Central notes from Baseball Tonight Live chat

In case you missed our appearance in the Baseball Tonight Live chat last night, here are a few questions and answers pertaining to the NL Central.

What do you think the Cubs should do with Aramis Ramirez if he keeps on struggling?

Unless he’s injured or simply needs an extra night off, they need to keep playing him. JC Bradbury listed him as one of the “unluckiest” players so far, so expect him to rebound.

But my problem with him is that he has never been able to reach his potential: he looked like a 40 HR, 100+ RBI guy each year and he hasnt done that yet

Well, he’s been very productive, all the same. Remember that RBIs aren’t completely within his control, and a player can create runs in other ways besides HRs; Aramis had a career-high .389 OBP last year.

The Cubs really have no choice except to keep playing Ramirez.

I remember last year when Ramirez was struggling, albeit with injuries, but he turned it around some in the second half.

Yes, it’s a long season, and bad stretches look worse when they begin the season.

What do you think about the Pirates play? Over-achieving or might have a chance in the Central?

Their Pythagorean record — 10-29 — would indicate that they stink and just don’t know it yet. Seriously, though, although I don’t think they’ll contend, they have an even shot at finishing above 5th in the division for the first time since 2003.

Anyone have a prediction on a currently-struggling team that could rebound and contend for a division title?

The Brewers are playing worse than they probably are (unluckiest team in MLB according to Though the Cardinals are still the team to beat in the Central, they are playing tight right now and that trait could come back to haunt them in September.

jaysonst: Jason Heyward boggles my mind. His game-winning 2B tonight means he’s reached base 26 times in May — but K’d only 3 times. He’s Superman!

Jason, that’s almost as good as fellow rookie David Freese, who prior to tonight had reached 27 times in May!

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