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2010 NL and AL Sabermetric MVPs

John Mozeliak notes that the Cardinals “still think we have some holes.” One is right field, stomach and Carlos Beltran would fill it well.

Despite currently polling at Fungoes as the Cardinals

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  1. BenjMVP Says:

    THE LAST TWO MONTHS OF THE SEASON… Joey Votto Vs Albert Pujols… Runs: Pujols 52. Votto 32. Hits: Pujols 68. Votto 58. 2B: Pujols 16. Votto 18. HR: Pujols 18. Votto 10. RBI: Pujols 46. Votto 41. AVG: Pujols 337. Votto 320. BB: Pujols 37. Votto 31. IBB: Pujols 14. Votto 6. Strikeouts: Pujols 25. Votto 42. OBP: Pujols 443. Votto 426. SLG: Pujols 683. Votto. 586. OPS: Pujols 1.126. Votto 1.012……. Team Results: Reds 29-23. Cards 27-29…………..Clearly, down the stretch Albert Pujols was the best and the MVP on the NL… but Joey Votto had a much better supporting cast than Albert Pujols. …………………………….The Reds Finished 4TH in BATTING AVERAGE. and the CARDS 9TH. The Reds Finished 4TH in RUNS, and the CARDS 14th. The Reds Finished 5th- ON BASE PERCENTAGE, and the CARDS 13th. The Reds Finished 4th- on SLUGGING PC. and the Cards 16……… Finally, no matter what happen tomorrow…. Albert Pujols is the NL MVP.

  2. BenjMVP Says:

    Wins Above Replacement Baseball-Reference

    1. Pujols (STL) 7.2
    2. Halladay (PHI) 6.5
    3. Jimenez (COL) 6.5
    4. Gonzalez (SDP) 6.3
    5. Votto (CIN) 6.2
    6. Wainwright (STL)6.1
    7. Johnson (FLA) 5.9
    8. Huff (SFG) 5.9
    9. Hudson (ATL) 5.7
    10.Tulowitzki (COL) 5.6

  3. BenjMVP Says:

    Albert Pujols had less strikeouts (76) than Joey Votto (125) in more at bat than Joey Votto. Pujols had more EXTRA BASES, WALKS, RUNS, HR, RBI, BB, IBB, HITS, 2B, TOTAL BASES, RUN CREATED, AT BAT P HR, MORE SACRIFICE FLIES, TIME ON BASES …. MADE LESS ERRORS, MORE PUTOUTS, MORE ASSISTS, MORE DOUBLE PLAYS, BETTER FIELDING PERCENTAGE, BETTER RANGE FACTOR, ETC. ETC……….. In other WORDS, Joey Votto got ESPN and the MEDIA, but Albert Pujols got the NUMBERS…. WHAT AN IRONY!

  4. zubin Says:

    Didn’t Albert once comment that the MVP should come from a playoff bound team?

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