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No place for Edmonds

John Mozeliak notes that the Cardinals “still think we have some holes.” One is right field, stomach and Carlos Beltran would fill it well.

Despite currently polling at Fungoes as the Cardinals

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  2. Danny S Says:

    Agree with you, but there’s another place – coach. Let him teach Rasmus how to play centerfield.

  3. desertcardinal Says:

    Jimmy Edmunds was a great centerfielder, better in his prime than Curt Flood, and I am told equal to Terry Moore in the field and superior at the plate. As far as teaching Ramus, I don’t think so. Edmunds was at his best in another ballpark. Rasmus performs in the present venue well enough and might consider coaching to be a little late for a third-year man. In that LaRussa is giving way soon, it might be best to think of Edmunds as a 1st or 3rd base coach. Jose Oquendo seems to be the heir apparent for the managing job, would be perfect for it in fact, and will want to pick his own staff, as he should. Sorry Jimmy, I can’t see you back in Cardinal red unless management has tasks for you. Also, the Cards don’t need Albert and should trade him asap to a contender early in the season-and when I say a “contender” I mean an American League club that will be able to use him for the decade he wants to be handsomely paid for.

  4. Pip Says:

    I can see Edmonds as a first-base coach.

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