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Is Lohse the real deal?

John Mozeliak notes that the Cardinals “still think we have some holes.” One is right field, stomach and Carlos Beltran would fill it well.

Despite currently polling at Fungoes as the Cardinals

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  1. TedSimmonsFan Says:

    Four starts on the new season – not three. In a weird twist, he has been credited with a win in the three games where he allowed a single earned run, and got a no-decision against Cincinnati on April 17th where he served up 7 shutout innings.

    >> Players like Dennis Martinez, John Tudor, Darryl
    >> Kile and Curt Schilling all improved their games
    >> after age 32, as Lohse appears to be doing (though
    >> in Schilling’s case, as in Lohse’s, it’s not known
    >> whether it was PED-inspired).

    Please help me out – I’ve read this sentence a few times, and it seems like you are suggesting that both Schilling did and Lohse is using PEDs. Sorry if I am parsing incorrectly – what were you trying to say here?

    Disregarding why it’s happening, Lohse has baffled the Marlins, Reds (twice) and Pirates thus far. Here’s hoping he keeps it going well into the 2012 season.


  2. Pip Says:

    Hi, TSF! First, thanks for the correction (since fixed).

    Second, I’m not suggesting anything other than reminding readers that we don’t know whether Schilling used or Lohse is using PEDs. This is 2012, and it’s always helpful to keep things in perspective in light of history.

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