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United Cardinal Bloggers roundtable: How to spend a little extra cash?

John Mozeliak notes that the Cardinals “still think we have some holes.” One is right field, stomach and Carlos Beltran would fill it well.

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  1. ahitz Says:

    Elephant in the room is a nice way to put it, but it could turn into giant wooly mammoth. I suppose it isn’t getting much mention because we won’t know until spring if Carp, Garcia and Westbrook are close to full strength.

    Signing a short term free agent like you describe would be smart insurance, but I’ll be surprised if Mo pries open the checkbook for a starter unless it looks like he can’t get Waino locked in this offseason.

    Taking that a step further, do you think the health concerns and lack of starters under club control in 2014 will make the Card’s GM extremely cautious about trading any of his “surplus” of unproven young arms for position players, at least until midseason? (Unless he gets a really great offer, or Furcal is shelved for an extended stretch)

  2. Pip Says:

    I think that Mozeliak is willing to trade one of those young pitchers if the deal is right; that is, for someone who likewise represents some future with the team and fills a legit need, like Andrus (though his contract goes only through 2014). Otherwise, I expect he’ll play it conservatively, for the reasons you state.

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