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“Best fans” deserve better than new uniform changes

John Mozeliak notes that the Cardinals “still think we have some holes.” One is right field, stomach and Carlos Beltran would fill it well.

Despite currently polling at Fungoes as the Cardinals

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  1. Brandon Says:

    I am a fortunate sports fan in that my two rooting interests are the Cardinals and the Oklahoma Sooners. Both sport classic uniforms that are the essence of their respective sports. The interlocking STL, the birds on the bat, and “Sooners” across the front of the jersey need no explanations. They also need no updates. Let Oregon, Maryland, and the Marlins experiment: those with grand traditions need not indulge. Of course, even Nebraska is diddling around with this stuff now. What a world.

    The Cards’ uniforms represent the perfect blend of modernization and classicism. They have been gradually updated and are the finest uniform in the sport, with only the Yankees and Dodgers as serious rivals (appropriate, given the proud history of those franchises). There is just no need for change, and I seriously doubt that they’ll sell that many more “St. Louis” jerseys. It’s not like this is some capital offense, but it’s another step down a road we don’t need. Throwbacks are fine once every five years, but they’re no longer a nod to tradition: they’ve become their own gaudy spectacle, divorced from the reason they’re classic in the first place.

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