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A statistical tribute to Stan Musial

Like thousands of others sharing their fond memories of Stanley Frank Musial — our own personal one involves, like many others’, The Man playing his harmonica — we’d like to pay tribute to baseball’s perfect knight, in this case by noting a few of the Cardinal great’s statistical achievements. Of course, as any sabermetrician will remind you, stats tell only part of the story of a ballplayer’s greatness, not least for Musial. But his legacy certainly does include his on-field performance, to which many “traditional” statistics don’t do justice, so here are some ways of looking as Number Six’s career that may not be covered in the typical eulogies.

Career Total Bases | Create infographics

Career Wins Above Replacement, Hall of Famers | Infographics


Musial’s all-time top-10 ranks | Infographics


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