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Game 21 Recap: Cardinals 3, Mets 0


“My ACL, MCL, UCL, all those LCLs, QCLs, all the CLs are good.”

Adam Wainwright on the battery of post game-checks on his knee

Players of the Game

  1. Adam Wainwright: Despite striking out only three, his low on the year, turned in a brilliant 2.19 FIP and added another hit, to boot.
  2. Dillon Gee: Struck out four, walked only two, for a 2.71 FIP.
  3. Matt Holliday: Reached four of five plate appearances, including three hits and a walk; robbed Chris Young with a jumping catch at the wall. Would’ve ranked as second player of the game, but not for his boneheaded baserunning.

Plays of the Game (by WPA from Cardinals’ standpoint)

  1. Travis d’Arnaud grounded into a double play (+.120): With runners on first and second, the Mets got as close as they ever would to scoring on Wainwright. d’Arnaud hit the ball hard, but it was right at Jhonny Peralta.
  2. Jon Jay singled, scoring Matt Holliday and Matt Adams (+.116): Jay continues to hit the ball where it’s pitched, and the team continues to reap the benefits.
  3. Yadier Molina singled to load the bases (+.093): Keeping the line moving, Molina advanced Holliday and Adams into scoring position, from which they scored on Jay’s hit.


  • Jon Jay, the hitting-man’s centerfielder.
  • The Cardinals ran into three unnecessary outs, including two by Holliday, and it would’ve been four, if the Mets had been able to hold onto the ball. Holliday was out trying to stretch a single into a double in the first inning, then in the ninth trying to advance to second on the throw home. Matt Adams was caught stealing during an attempted hit-and-run on which Yadier Molina swung through the pitch, and Molina barely beat a cutoff throw back to second base after rounding too far. The sloppy baserunning didn’t feel painful, because the Cardinals won. But Adam Wainwright isn’t going to be pitching every game, and until the offense ups its on-base rate, the offense shouldn’t be wasting base runners. You only get 27.
  • Speaking of sloppy, Trevor Rosenthal got the save, but it was an ugly one; he walked two in the inning.
  • The Mets had three players in the outfield who have played centerfield. When was the last time the Cardinals featured such a group?
  • Love Matt Adams not only trying to beat the shift, but hustling to beat out an infield hit to third base.
  • Holliday also kept the ball in front of him on an aborted dive attempt in the second on Chris Young’s liner. Who says you don’t need protection as an outfielder?
  • Major kudos to Jay for his takeout slide on d’Arnaud in the fourth. Manager Terry Collins came out to argue, but Jay was well within his rights to the play, sliding over the plate. If d’Arnaud doesn’t want to get knocked down, he needs to jump out of the baseline. And Collins’s time would be better spent teaching his young catcher to move toward first base after stepping on the plate, rather than third. #sissyElement
  • Wainwright now ranks eighth in MLB in FIP with 2.22.

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