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Graph: Cardinal Pitchers by K-BB% and GB%

Mike Petriello wrote at Fangraphs today an insightful article on the success of Dallas Keuchel. In it, he showed a scatter graph of major-league pitchers by their K-BB% and groundball rate. Given the success of the Cardinals’ Michael Wacha and Pat Neshek so far this season — and the decided lack of it by Trevor Rosenthal — we thought we’d shamelessly replicate the exercise focusing on Cardinal pitchers only.

As Petriello writes, “This [K%-BB% against groundball rate] is the guts of what goes into xFIP and it’s pretty simple to follow: the higher your K%-BB% is, the better, because you aren’t giving the hitters back what you’ve taken, and groundballs don’t turn into home runs.” (Pitcher xFIP is displayed when you hover over the data point.) As you can see, Neshek leads the team in K-BB%; Wacha leads the starters and is second among them in GB%.

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