Cardinals news from a Sabermetric point of view

Media Peccadillo List

Irksome things that the media and other observers of the game say or write:

  • The pitcher (who is batting) has a chance to help himself: This betrays the old idea that pitchers should for some reason be credited with wins (and losses). He has a chance to help his team. Period.
  • Obsession with the team hitting into double plays: Reflects a misunderstanding that double plays are a natural, if unhappy, biproduct of getting runners on base, the most important thing a team can do. If these media weren’t complaining about GIDPs, they’d complain about a player striking out (and thus avoiding a DP).
  • Runners in Scoring Position (RISP): One of the most hideous misapplications of statistics, complete with a fancy acronym, that proves that the user likes stats. It also proves that he has no concern whether the stats he uses have meaning.
  • Pitcher wins and losses: “Single season won-lost records have almost no value as an indicator of a pitcher’s contribution to a team.” — Bill James